Quick information for jazz musicians

Only two out of many options...

Create a leadsheet in no time at all.

  • capella suggests reasonable chords which you alter as needed.
  • You add lyrics either under the notes or separately.
  • The "fingering kit" offers guitar and other fingering charts.
  • You create voice extractions with one mouse click - the original score remains unchanged.
  • You transpose notes and chord descriptions with one mouse click.
  • With the graphics tools of capella you draw the flow chart for your stage performance.


Quickly create a bigband score.

  • The ScoreTemplate allows you to create a score for any orchestra size.
  • Transposing instruments play back "sounding" - that is correctly.
  • Chord analysis creates chord descriptions in each convention.
  • Notes and chord descriptions are transposed with one mouse click.
  • capella plays back straight or swing.
  • capella playAlong helps you to rehearse or play your part.