Creating a title page

  • Jan 20, 2020
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Today’s hint tells you how to start your score with a front page – with text but without notes. 
You will know: In capella, text objects must be anchored to a note or to the page. In the latter case they automatically obtain special properties.
But how to anchor a text object when the page doesn’t contain any notes? As so often – the attribute „invisible“ does the trick. 

  1. You see a commenced system with clef and time signature. Delete clef and time signature.
  2. In Format - Systems... select the property "Next system on new page“ (make sure that this does not apply to following systems from page 2, on).
  3. Enter any rest, for example a quarter rest. Anchor all text and graphic objects to appear on the front page to this rest. 
  4. Mark the rest and tick „Invisible“ and „No value“. But how do the staves disappear?
  5. You can move an existing graphic on top op them or cover them with a white rectangle. Very elegant is this: Select Format – Staves… and then select „white“ in Color of staves.
  6. Of course you can not only apply this hint to a front page but also to a lyrics page without notes.


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