Page objects can do more

  • Mar 24, 2020
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Here‘s more about page objects. These are the objects which are anchored to the page and if needed are repeated on each page, for example as footers. Together with a field command they turn into automatic page numbers (Find more information about this on our website.). Here, # is a place holder. As soon as a text object (plain text!) is anchored to a page the place holder will be automatically replaced by the current page number.


Right and left

So – how to have page numbers appear on the outer edge - as in a book? Pretty easy: There are two objects containing the place holder. The ones on the right side have the property: Display object on following pages – odd. The objects to the left are set for even pages only.


New in capella 8

In earlier versions you could not click on page objects from page 2, on. This has changed in capella 8. You can mark objects on each page. When you move them, however, this will have consequences for all pages.



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