Figured bass for everyone

  • Jun 24, 2019

The new input concept of harmonies is a lot more flexible than it was in the old tonica version. However, harmonies have to be entered manually in case you want to determine them yourself. When entering figured bass numbering you only want to write figures below the bass notes and not enter harmonies. Since update 2, empty harmonies are automatically created when you save a document in figured bass notation. This way you can simply enter the figures below the respective notes. The new procedure is described as follows in the Help function:

This is how to realize figured bass

  • Enter the bass voice in the lowest voice used. During entry, mark important sections of the bass voice with fermata. These will be considered during composition and will generally yield better results (also see: Fermata).

  • In the Document menu select Show: Figured bass and save the document. In doing so empty harmonies are automatically inserted in the harmony line.

  • If needed switch to mode Compose and add the respective figures below the notes in the bass voice. The figures describe the interval distance of chord tones proceeding from the bass tone. Chord notes deviating from keynotes of the selected key are notated with accidental or with  „+“. Notate „0“ or „-“ for bass notes in harmonization distance where no e.g. no new chords are to be created.

  • In the Composition assistant, select the function Figured Bass.

  • In there, select the figured bass voice as melody voice.

  • Click on Compose.

  • Listen to the composition and evaluate the result. 

  • To obtain a different result undo the composition via Edit / Undo. Then change the composition preferences (for example the harmonization style) and click on Compose again.

See the figured bass voice after note/harmony entry...

Figured bass voice

... and the result of figured bass composition:

Figured bass composition



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