capella-scan cooperates with capella start

  • Jan 5, 2017

capella-scan and capella start do cooperate. However, capella-scan has been optimized to work with the "large" version, therefore you have to observe some details when you own capella start.

Observe the limit

You will know that your template may contain a maximum of four staves, two voices per staff, 100 measures. It can still occur that capella-scan delivers a file which results in an error message when opened in capella start. What happened?

Problem 1: Too many voices per staff

This choral should be perfectly suitable for editing with capella start. But - attention: Due to the octaving in the bass a third voice was recognized which can be seen by the appearing third color. The file should not be handed over to capella start like this. There are several options to correct it:

a) Delete the relevant note and add as chord note later in capella start.

b) Combine the two bass notes in a chord in capella-scan i.e. attach both notes to the same stem.

c) Limit recognition to two voices in capella-scan, this way the excess voice will not be handed over to capella start.

Problem 2: Small notes

When capella-scan recognized small notes (cue notes, grace notes) - be it correct or a recognition error, these may not be handed over to capella start. Please select this setting in capella scan via Edit - Options - Recognition:


Problem 3: Too many staves

With four staves in the system, this score is suitable for capella start. 

However, in the second system the system bracket was not recognized. This way the allocation of staves to the SystemTemplate may not be possible, capella-scan might extend the SystemTemplate. However, capella start cannot handle a file with more than four staves in the SystemTemplate.

You now have to correct allocation of these staves by hand. Numbering 1,2,3,4 must be the same in front of all systems.

Cross reference: related content

As usual, this applies:

Postprocess your score as thoroughly as possible in capella-scan. Later corrections in capella are most of the time much more complicated or - as in the above cases - cannot be done in capella start.




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